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We're Kevin & Aly - lovers of movie theatre dates, raw oysters (I swear, they're not gross!), and all things nerdy (catch us at Comic Con every October). We are wedding photographers and educators, who believe there's no such thing as 'just a dream'. We've built a successful business for ourselves, and now we're ready to help you build yours. Whether you're trying to rock Instagramfigure out your SEO, or develop a new Inquiry & Booking System, we've got you covered. We even have an engagement session style guide. Let's do this, friend! 


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Being a wedding photographer is an exhilarating, thrilling, rewarding journey that can also, at times, be overwhelming, exhausting, and even a little scary. We built our business on a foundation of passion, but the bricks stacking on that foundation are made of well-thought strategies, consistency, and a heck of a lot of hard work - we have a system.

We have developed a few resources for our photography friends, with the purpose of making this whole running a business thing a lot easier. Using our resources, like our Instagram Marketing Guide, Ultimate Email Templates, Pricing Guide, and more, you will take back the time you spend trying to craft a perfect response, and take your finances back when you start generating frequent inquiries without spending your hard-earned money on ads and membership programs. Running a business isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be hard either.

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The ka engagement session

Are you ready to take your images from ordinary to extraordinary?

take your work to high-end

with one simple step

The KA Engagement Session Style Guide is the perfect tool for achieving the luxury look you've been lusting after for your images. If you've been struggling to build a portfolio you love or charge high-end prices, the Engagement Session Style Guide is the next step in your journey. 

Time after time, we built up high expectations for a session we thought would be 'the one' - the session that would  officially make us high-end photographers - just to pull up and see our clients wearing jeans and t-shirts. It took us a while to realize that it was our fault that our clients weren't dressing for dreamy, luxurious sessions. Once we started sharing this valuable information with our couples, we were able to attract more of our ideal clients, share work we were proud of, and offer an experience that leaves our clients feeling like they were magazine models for a night. We are now making this tool available for other photographers, to finally capture the images they've been dreaming of!

Consistent Content

Luxury Images

This guide is for you if

you are dreaming of . . .

High-End Client Experience

Clear Expectations

What's Included?

24 Page InDesign Template

1,600+ Words

Printable Layout

Customizable Design

Topics Discussed . . .

Hair & Makeup
Color Coordination
Prints & Patterns
Flattering Skin Tones
...and more!

only $55!

Style Guide

What you should know - This is a template designed to be opened in Adobe InDesign. Please replace our images with your own to have clear expectations of your work for your clients. Images may appear blury within InDesign but will be crystal clear once exported as a PDF! For our titles, we use the font 'Puzzled'. If you do not have that font, please download it for FREE here! If you have access to fonts used within your logo and/or personal branding, we recommend replacing our fonts with those!