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6 Ways 2021 + 2022 Brides Can Wedding Plan During Quarantine


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Are you in a rut with wedding planning?

2020 hasn’t been easy on us Spring and Summer brides, but it definitely has had its negatives for 2021 and 2022 couples as well. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, and with new factors like the impact of lost jobs or venues filling their prime dates faster than usual, it can feel like the only thing you can do is put it all on hold.

New Jersey Brides are Postponing

Whether you’re set for 2020 or beyond, couples throughout New Jersey and the country (even the world!) are making the difficult decision to push back their wedding plans and reassess when this all blows over. But we truly believe Coronavirus doesn’t have to completely damper this otherwise sweet season in life.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Wedding Plan During COVID-19 Quarantine

  1. Do a virtual venue tour! Many venues are offering virtual tours online, or even the ability to FaceTime or Zoom your way around the venue. Even though it isn’t ideal, you can still book your venue from quarantine! Research blog posts from photographers and videographers to get a better look at the venues, read reviews and ask around in Facebook groups to gather more info about the general experience, and make yourself a pros and cons list, just like you would if you weren’t stuck at home!
  2. Set up phone consultations. Even before Coronavirus started, we conduct nearly all of our meetings over the phone! We believe time is a priceless asset, and when wedding planning can be so time-consuming, we think it’s easier for our couples’ schedules to hop on a phone call or video chat than it is to drive to a coffee shop and hang out face-to-face (even though we love getting the chance to hangout!). Your potential vendors can’t do what they love right now, so they’re stuck at home (just like you) with plenty of time to discuss your wedding over emails and set up a phone call consultation! Now is quite possibly the best time to book your vendors!
  3. Get on Pinterest, girl! We’ve all been pinning wedding beauty for years, but now is the perfect time to create a board entirely dedicated to the exact vision you have for your wedding. You can even make seperate boards organized for individual parts of your day, like centerpiece inspiration and ceremony decor ideas.
  4. Compile your guest list. Start making a list of the people you know you can’t celebrate without! Creating a guest list can be a time consuming task, and gathering addresses for Save the Date’s and Invites takes even longer! What better thing to do when you have indefinite time?!
  5. Make a Registry. A little retail therapy goes a long way, and is even better when you don’t have to actually spend money. Window shop from the couch and start making up your registry that guests can have access to for your future engagement party, bridal shower, or the wedding day!
  6. Create a wedding website. This one can be fun! Sorting through your favorite photos together, writing out your love story, keeping track of any plans – you can use a host like The Knot to make a free wedding website!

Love isn’t cancelled!

You can still be excited about your big day, you can still dream about every detail and know that one day – whether 2020 or 2022, you will marry the love of your life.

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