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Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline | A Guide For New Jersey Brides


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Are you planning your wedding?

In between color swatches and cake tastings, it’s easy to get lost in the pretty little details of wedding planning, while overlooking the thing that will outline the entire day – your timeline. Now, I’d be lying to you if I said, as a photographer, that my mind doesn’t immediately go to lighting schedules when I’m laying out a wedding day in my head. Ideally, we’d capture dreamy portraits during golden hour under pink and orange skies with even light, but in reality, it’s rare that actually gets to happen. We’re ready to rock any scenario, but we definitely have some tips on guiding you in laying out the perfect wedding day timeline.

Here are some tips on laying out your wedding day timeline . . .

  • Factor in some ‘getting ready’ cushion time! Imagine you wanted to go back and fix part of your hair, and then your Maid of Honor noticed a big wrinkle in her dress – your fiance can’t find his bowtie and your future father-in-law has no clue what he did with his socks . . . you’ve all fallen 45 minutes behind and have to skip your father-daughter first look if you want to make it down the aisle in time! Now you’re stressed and a little irritated, and can’t shake that grumpy feeling when you’re just moments from the happiest day of your life. Yeah, that scenario gave me a little anxiety too. The thing is, it happens all the time, and we tell you so that it doesn’t have to happen to you too! Add in about 45-60 minutes of cushion time so that nobody feels rushed, you can take in all of the emotions of the morning, and you’re prepared for any mishaps.
  • Plan for a first look. If you’re on the fence about having a first look, we have a whole post dedicated to all of the reasons why you should consider adding one into your wedding day plans! A first look will allow you more time together on your big day, give you the chance to eat all of that tasty food during your cocktail hour, and it even results in more photos in your gallery!
  • Carve out time for Golden Hour portraits. This one is for both of us – as you’ll already know from your engagement session, golden hour (the 90 or so minutes before the sun sets) is the best time for shooting outdoor portraits! The light will be even, there might be a dreamy glow, we’ll have the freedom to shoot wherever without having to avoid harsh lighting and shadows, etc. If you have a first look, we’ll shoot your portraits before the ceremony even happens – but we can pop back outside for ten minutes during your reception to catch those gorgeous golden hour shots of you two as husband & wife!
  • Have a controlled exit. Sparkler exits are a top want for plenty of couples! The thing is, handing out sticks of fire to 200 drunk guests at the end of a long night can be a little hard to organize – and honestly, a little scary too. We recommend having a controlled exit with just your bridal party and closest family & friends – think 15-20 people! We can pop out after cake to get the shot in 10 minutes, and not only will it eliminate the stress of organizing the big crowd, but it will also keep you from having to cut down the end of the night by a few minutes to make an announcement to your guests. Now you can just dance the rest of the night away!

We hope these tips make planning your big day a little easier! If you are a bride searching for a light & airy New Jersey wedding photographer, you can learn more about our services here!

Need some more wedding planning tips beyond planning your wedding day timeline? Check out our Pinterest!

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