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Bringing Your Dog To Your Engagement Session


For Brides

“Our Dog is our first baby”

Girl, I feel you! Our pets are truly like our children – sometimes, they were even a huge step taken within a relationship! Dogs are part of the fam, and when a couple asks us, “are you comfortable with dogs?” we’re like, “omg are you kidding me? BRING 100!” For real, we’re the biggest dog lovers out there . . . but we will be the first to say that photographing them isn’t always the easiest task. I mean, my dads Frenchie Poochie (who we babysit on the daily) is a total nut, and the only time she sits still is when she’s in her Babybj√∂rn lol That being said, we have some great tips for bringing your dog to your engagement session, and how to make the most of your shoot!

Here are some tips on bringing your dogs to your engagement session!

Light & airy engagement photo with Boxer dog
  • Have a family member or friend come along who can take your little fluffball off your hands after their portion of the session. This way, you’re not in a bind trying to find where they can chill out and hang tight for the rest of the session, and you won’t have any distractions!
  • Let’s take their photos first! If we photograph you with your pup right at the start of the session, it’ll be smooth sailing from there! We take their photos, have your friend or family member bring them home or off to play, and then we focus on just the two of you!
  • Make sure that pets are allowed at whatever location you choose for your session – it would be such a bummer to show up prepared and excited just to be told we have to leave! Some places have strict rules (they must only be cat people), so be sure to do your research ahead of time.
  • Bring treats and toys! Rewards go a long way, and so does a little bribing. We can also use the same approach we would while photographing a baby or toddler – if we hold a favorite toy near the camera, it’ll be easier to get your little buddy to look into the lens!

Light and airy engagement photo walking a german shephard dog

When not to bring your dog to your engagement session

Like I said, we’re the biggest dog people on the planet, but sometimes, it’s best for the pooches to stay home. Let’s talk a little about when bringing your dog to your engagement session isn’t the best plan. If your dog has trouble trusting strangers or anxiety in unfamiliar places, we’d hate to see a dog in stress, and we’d hate to see you in stress too. My childhood dog Evie would snuggle up at my feet, let me scoop her up for kisses, and would sleep with me every night – we were totally bff’s . . . BUT, she had one eye, and that made her really agressive when she felt scared. We’d have to lock her up in a bedroom when guests came over and always tell people, ‘sorry, but no,‘ when they asked to pet her while out on walks (if they even asked after hearing all of the growling). I would have loved to have my photo professionally taken with her, but unfortunately, it just wouldn’t be a safe idea. If your dog is like Evie, maybe skip bringing them to your session, but take some photos with them all dressed up before you head out to meet up with us!

engagement ring photo with dog paw

Can we photograph your cat?

Umm, yes, totally! Our kitty follows us like a shadow – she’s the sweetest. If your cat is comfortable with journeying out to a new place and posing for some photos, we are definitely down! Give them kitties some spotlight too!

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